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Grant Guidelines & Application

The Beachland Elementary PTA Grant program supports programs and activities that enhance and enrich student learning and experiences while building our Beachland Elementary community.

Grant Proposals Scheduling and Submission


  • Grant Proposals Deadlines: October 15th , February 15th (if funds still available after Fall disbursement)

  • All grants are due by 5 p.m. on the grant due date.

  • Grants should be submitted online at 

Grant Guidelines

Proposals may be for projects, activities, books, equipment, events or anything that enhances and enriches student learning and experiences at Beachland Elementary. Grant requests can be presented by all teachers, staff, parents and students. While preference is given to proposals that serve students school-wide, students, teachers, staff and/or parents are also encouraged to submit proposals that will benefit their individual classrooms or grade level. 

All proposals will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the PTA and the Principal of the school. Proposals will only be removed from consideration at this step if they:


  • Do not meet PTA funding guidelines outlined in this document

  • Do not conform to the noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan policies set forth in the PTA bylaws

  • Are deemed inappropriate by school Principal and/or Executive Committee

  • Can be funded via other funding sources (IE School District)

After review by the committee proposals will be presented for approval to the general PTA membership at the next general meeting. All grant requestors are encouraged to attend to answer questions and support their proposal. The general membership will be reminded of the following funding criteria of the PTA to consider in their granting decisions:


  • Relevance to curriculum, school and/or district goals

  • Benefit to students or program/department

  • Number of students and/or grades benefited

  • Length of program: short term or long term (funds must be expended within the current school year)

  • Demonstrated need- funding is not a school or district responsibility

  • Amount requested

  • Funds available

  • Grants may be fully or partially funded or not funded at all. 

Purchasing, Reimbursement, Failure to use award

All items purchased with grant funding become property of Beachland Elementary School. Supplies purchased for a specific teacher’s use will remain with the teacher. Supplies or technology purchased to support a grade level curriculum will remain with that grade level regardless of the assignment of the applicant. 

Funding Process: Recipients will be reimbursed for actual expenses up to but not exceeding the grant amount. Original invoices and receipts are required for all reimbursements. Reimbursement forms can be found in PTA box in office. After completed please turn in your form to the Treasurer via the PTA file in the office.

Grant recipients have two payment options:

Option 1: Reimbursement. Product is purchased. Purchaser submits a check request form to the PTA Treasurer (with original receipts attached). The PTA Treasurer will write a check to the purchaser for reimbursement. PTA will not reimburse sales tax. PTA will provide applicant with tax-exempt information upon grant approval if needed. 

Option 2: PTA direct payment. Complete a check request form requesting payment direct to the vendor (attached a copy of the completed order form). The PTA Treasurer will write a check payable to the vendor and return the check to your school mailbox. You give the check to the vendor.
If grant is not used by May 15th in the school year the grant was awarded, then the grant reverts back to the use of the PTA. 


Grant Application

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